Ocean View and Masiphumelele High Schools are 2 of our Atlas programmes in South Africa, Cape Town. The two communities battle again drugs and alcohol addiction but our team in South Africa have been working hard to change this, providing opportunities for the teenagers to refocus their attention to and supporting them to create a better direction for themselves.  

It has been a fantastic time for the two schools as they both become actively involved in the WC School Fixture League. Their coaches have said the shift in the teenager’s determination, positivity and commitment has been outstanding and the pride they take in their school badge has been wonderful to see develop.  

Finding a reason to better themselves had been hard for the teenagers who grew up seeing gangs and violence as their only route, but the establishment of the school fixture list means the teenagers have a certainty of something positive and consistent to work towards.  

Particularly for Ocean View High School, the number of girls signing up to the fixtures is everything our wonderful coaches could wish for. To see their confidence growing week on week is a testament to the solidarity between the boys and girls who are all working towards bettering themselves and their rugby.