Two weeks ago the Perins High School u15s and u16s rugby teams stopped off to play Masiphumele High School, who were bolstered by the drafting in of some Ocean View High School boys. The team spirit must have been excellent, given the amazing effort they put in together the previous week cleaning up the pitch at Ocean View HS. The team was brought further together by maroon jerseys supplied by Bristol Grammar School.

The first game, which was an under-15s game started at 11am. The team was mostly Ocean View High players with a sprinkling of Masi HS extras. Unfortunately they lost the game quite heavily but the boys really enjoyed the game and had great fun.

The second game, featuring only Masi High School u16s against Perins, started at 12:10. The boys accepted the challenge to what the touring management team dubbed as a quality game of rugby. They were impressed by the skill level of the kids and it was a wonderful  complement for the boys. In the end, Masi High won by 7 points to 5 points. There were also no major injuries to report - the English were quite tough.

The highlight was seeing the smiles on the faces of the children. The matches, in association with Cool Play, allowed us to achieve our first objective of bringing both schools together and it was wonderful.