This is Roukeya. She lost her leg in an accident when she was a child, impacting on her confidence and outlook on life. In 2006, she was enrolled in Les Enfants de l’Ovale in Niger, an Atlas partner organisation, to help her with her schoolwork. However, when Roukeya was 11, her father took her away from her mother to Nigeria. Roukeya wasn’t allowed to go to school and was forced to sell shoes for her father.

After years of being exploited, Roukeya managed to escape in 2015 and returned to her mother in Niger. She is now re-enrolled in les Enfants de l’Ovale, who are helping her follow her dream of becoming a dressmaker alongside studying, playing rugby and being with her friends. Les Enfants de l’Ovale have also organised a computer training course for Roukeya, giving her the opportunity to gain essential digital literacy skills and expand her education. With the support of this organisation, Roukeya is now thriving.

We’re proud to be a partner of this local organisation, adapting to community need and supporting the children who need it most.