My name is Sharan I’m 13 years old. People call me DJ as well because am very funny and active person. I used to work in a ration shop. My Mom and Dad work outside.

There was no one to tell me the importance of studying, so I left school and started working at the shop. I love to cycle. I roam around with my bicycle. One day I was cycling in my area and I saw some training going on with egg-shaped ball. They all were my age. I’m a little fat boy and I don’t want to look fat because people used to tease me. At training I saw that children were running and doing some fun exercises.

I loved it. I found out what time and which days training happens. Every Tuesday and Thursday training happens and on Thursday I reached the field first because I don’t want to miss anything at training. I asked Vijay Anna to let me play as I was very interested. He was very nice and let me play. I also started going to the Sunday academy. I don’t know how, but Vijay Anna got to know that I don’t go school and I work at the shop. Vijay Anna asked me why I don’t go to school I told him everything. Next day he took me Government school where all other children go with whom I play. He got me into school and told me if I drop out from school again I won’t be able to play the game. He also made me understand if I go school I will gain my knowledge and it will help me in future. Since that day I never missed the school or training. I also stopped working at shop.

I’m so grateful that I got introduced to Khelo Rugby, the coaches and other children.