A classroom session under the trees at St Philomena Primary School for SKRUM

This week it has been fantastic to hear of our partner SKRUM’s latest success at St Philomena Primary School earlier this week. After journeying down dirt and bumpy roads to talk and meet with a few of the children SKRUM was surprised that 196 boys and 197 girls had asked to join in! 

Undeterred by not having a classroom large enough for this many children, SKRUM took the children outside, starting their morning classroom session under the shade of the trees. It was a great morning as the team at SKRUM did what they do best, which is educating the children on HIV/AIDS, promoting leadership amongst the children and demonstrating the benefits of education for each child, as well as issues of gender violence and equality.  

Afterwards, 18 boys and 18 girls took part in SKRUM’s coaching session. As their slogan says “Pass the Ball, not the Virus” it was great to hear the children engaging and enjoying their time as they learnt new skills and knowledge in such a welcoming and safe environment. The whole school stayed to watch the coaching session with everyone enjoying their time with SKRUM so much. It has been a great day for all and meeting SKRUM has been a great opportunity for the children at St Philomena Primary school to learn such important skills and values for a healthier and happier life in the future.