The country of Eswatini in southern Africa has the highest rates of HIV/AIDS infection in the world. With Atlas’ support, our local partner SKRUM is helping to educate children to reduce transmission, using rugby as a means to engage the children and keep the sessions entertaining.  

So far SKRUM have visited over 650 of the 800 schools in Eswatini, creating a safe and welcoming environment for children to learn in in each school they visit.  

Their most recent visit was to Othandweni Primary School in the Nklanda Local Municipality. SKRUM reached 59 girls and 69 boys in their classroom session where the focus was on the HIV/AIDS infection and how to reduce its transmission. The children enjoyed the session, saying they felt they understood better where the risks to transmission were and how they could mitigate them in their own lives.  

The coaching session after was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children that took part also. Using rugby to keep the sessions fun for the children, SKRUM uses its slogan “pass the ball, not the virus” to encourage positive habits and opportunities for the children.  

Infection rates in the country are starting to fall and SKRUM’s continued commitment to helping the children of Eswatini is shown throughout all the visits our local partner makes to schools across the country.