The Atlas Foundation is delighted to report that the Atlas DigiBus Mobile Classroom for our educational support of kids in Langa, Cape Town is making fantastic progress. With engineering works nearly complete, looking shiny, brand new, and almost ready to start transporting kids to school, and providing them with valuable educational resources.

Making savings along the way, the solar panels are being fitted next and it is incredibly exciting to deliver this mobile classroom through sustainable means. This is a great added bonus to the already numerous benefits that the bus brings; not only does it provide transport, a space for education as well as the means for enhanced educational opportunities, but this feature will allow it to support the environment by providing a renewable energy source for the laptops the children will use throughout the year.

Rugby Champion, Humphrey Kayange, Project Manager Calum Barclay and Kenya Project Manager Fahad Adil.

Since coming on board as in-country project manager, Fahad Adil has been instrumental in the progress of the bus, from bringing in the political nouse and influence of Kenya 7s legend Humphrey Kayange, to ensuring the delivery of the project and keeping to tight time schedules. He was also delighted at the progress made by the bus, in particular at the contribution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education) & 7 (Affordable & Clean Energy).

"Who knew that converting a public bus to a mobile classroom would be this fun! Six months later and the project is really taking shape ... I’m so humbled to be entrusted to lead this project [that] will have an impact on over 250 students per week."

Atlas Rugby Champion, Simon Shaw, came up with the idea when he visited Kenya in January 2019, and he also expressed his passion for the project over Instagram, 

"Getting close to the completion of this amazing project ... These kids are living in some of the worst conditions on earth an are in desperate need of help. This mobile classroom will be providing kids with, not only a means to source education but it will also be used to transport them out to our rugby camps. We see the combination of rugby values and an accessible education, providing kids with the tools to break their own cycle of poverty."