We recently featured an article about Marcelo Cordova's courageous efforts to support kids in the rural province of Salta, which has been less affected by coronavirus, than it is already affected by poor sanitation, food supply and clean water.



Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, Marcos Julianes and his team from Virreyes RC have been supporting their community and helping them tackle the knock on effects of coronavirus. 

Although the rugby club its self has been shut, the players, staff and coaches are all chipping in to help look after the poorer neighbourhoods nearby. By asking friends and relatives for donations, they have been able to build supplies of food and everyone at the club has got involved in packing and delivering these packages.

In coordination with local government as well as the help of the community, they have been able to deliver these once a week to support the players, their families and the kids in those surrounding villas (townships) for the past 40 days.

We are delighted to see the Atlas spirit of hard work, integrity and respect prevailing in these hard times, and it is incredibly heartwarming to listen and share the stories of so many of our projects tackling this crisis head-on.

You can help these projects support our kids by donating to our Food and Masks Emergency fund which will go directly towards providing just that to our kids. Click HERE to donate.