The Atlas Team visit our local partners, Team Talk, at a local Primary School in rural Kenya

The post-it notes pictured below are written by the children taking part in Team Talk's classroom session. The boys and girls speak separately about growing up and relationships and can ask questions they may have anonymously. Teachers then answer their questions and support the children through what they are experiencing. 

The children are then bought together to do trust and team building games, where our coach mentors encourage them to work together. It is a great opportunity for the children to learn to understand each other and bridge the divide between the boys and girls.

At the end of the session, Team Talk bring the children back into the classroom to share what they have learned during the day. It is a safe environment for the children to talk about their feelings and how they have worked together.

Many of the children that Team Talk work with will have only one meal a day. Women and girls are treated like second class citizens, with a deep distrust between men and women in the community. Team Talk are helping children understand themselves and each other - the boys develop respect for the girls while the girls themselves feel empowered to speak up and talk to each other about some of the inequalities they experience.