The Anita, Alex and Annabel Nicholson Memorial Fund and Atlas Asia are proud to partner with Kampuchea Balopp, promoting access of sport to disadvantaged and disabled children in Cambodia.  Kampuchea Balopp teaches the children about healthy lifestyles, good nutrition, the importance of teamwork and respect, responsibility and gender equality.

The children are currently participating in the international “Inter-Club challenge”, raising funds to help even more vulnerable children. Through the challenge, Kampuchea Balopp hope to:


- Create links between rugby clubs around the world

- Raise awareness about social inclusion, gender equality and disability

- Open up to the world and encourage multicultural exchanges

- Introduce young people to volunteer work and to get involved in a cause

- Raise funds for the Kampuchea Balopp Association


Each team will have five challenges to complete over the course of the competition. Good luck to everyone taking part!