Since global lockdown, many of our children and family’s overseas have been more concerned with the reality of dealing with the greater danger of malnutrition and starvation than Covid-19.

This has meant many of our projects have experienced a large shift in focus to food dispensation.

Despite rugby training having not been possible, our rugby families everywhere have come together to protect one another.

In March, Virreyes Rugby Club was transformed into a dining hall, with an army of volunteers cooking and delivering 1,000 meals every day to the doorsteps of the poorest neighborhoods.

Since the pandemic first began over 40,000 meals have been delivered and this is expected to rise as the numbers of those in need are growing daily.

Here is one of the boys from VRC who says "Thanks for always remembering your boys VRC". 

Above you can see the meals boxed and ready for delivery. Each box with a sealed with care and with a message of blessing on top. "May God Bless you" "Made with Love". 

"Virreyes Rugby Club - Close to your Community. 
We deliver tickets to those who need help in this emergency"

Even before the Pandemic, the club had been a transformational power for good in the Virreyes community. Visited by Havard University and Richmond Rugby last year, you can learn more about Virreyes Rugby Club and the great work they do below.

We are so proud to be funding such an incredible effort and thank you for your continued support in allowing us to do this.