Vicky first picked up a rugby ball at the age of 11. Him and his brother Sunny were brought up by his Mum as his Dad passed away when he was much younger. Vicky is from the bustee (slum) community of Hyde Road in the port area of Kolkata's docks - where Atlas CEO Boris visited earlier this year.

In 2018 Vicky and Sunny were selected to act as players in the Jungle Cats team that was to feature in the movie Jungle Cry. Both worked on the film in Bhubaneswar, Odisha through October 2018 and then went on to Swansea in November 2018. Vicky had been selected for a college scholarship from the Jungle Crows as a result of his leadership in the community.

He graduated in the middle of covid and found it very difficult to find a job - just picking up manual work in the port. On the opening of the Jungle Crows Cycle Logic project Vicky joined to learn servicing and cycle repairs, which gave him a whole new set of skills. Even before he finished his training he was recruited by Decathlon for their store in Lucknow. Vicky has now been working for Decathlon for 6 months and is thoroughly enjoying his work and eagerly awaiting the launch of Jungle Cry!

Jungle Cry is out now in the UK and will be released in India on 3rd June.