Ten supporters of The Foundation are undertaking the epic challenge of cycling from Lands End to John O Groats

This is nearly a thousand miles and they will take just nine days to complete the Journey. The elevation involved, makes this the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest twice and their bodies will endure the same as running nine consecutive marathons.

They are cycling for The Foundation, and in particular The Foundations Defibrillator fund.

The Richmond Heavies Foundation Defibrillator Fund aims to provide defibrillators to sports clubs and communities who cannot afford this lifesaving device.

Richmond rugby club has personal experience of how valuable defibrillators can be. 

The Foundation is focused on heart screening and cardio health awareness, so this is a natural extension of that objective.

Awareness of heart conditions in both the young and the old, and their susceptibility to cardiac arrest, is a threat which has been mitigated by the development of defibrillators.  It’s not just for the world of sport that these miracles of technology have been invented, and, although our fund is specific to that environment, we obviously appreciate that there is a wider awareness programme to consider and intend to find ways to broaden our offer.

We will be offering a defibrillator to a local club at each of the nine-night stops, but very much hope to exceed this target with your support.

Thank you for supporting us – it really is appreciated. This will be a very demanding event, and all help will keep us motivated during the tough parts of the ride & the long winter training.