Brian * is an 11 year old boy, living in Kenya's urban slum, Kibera, and attends the ACK Good Samaritan School.

He is a hard working boy, but Kibera is a difficult place to live and Brian is one of many children finding themselves struggling to balance school work with the needs of his family. While many of his friends converge at Angels International School to do their homework, Brian returns to the slum for a different after school activity.

Picking up groundnuts prepared for him by his mother, Brian sells them to motorists along Langata Road, a busy and dangerous highway. After spending most of the afternoon and all of the evening walking up and down this road, risking injury and exploitation, he returns home around 9pm. On a good day he will make Ksh 180; roughly £1.20

When Brian returns to school the next day, he hasn't done any of his homework. Many 11 year olds in the UK would love being told not to do their homework, but for Brian, his journeys up Langata Road are a reminder how far behind he is falling in class.

For children like Brian, the intervention of Kings Rugby Development Academy has been vital in helping him keep up his school work and stop his educational performance dropping too much. Their homework sessions have helped him manage his time and support him to complete the work he hasn't understood.

It still remains a challenge for Brian and he still has to sell the groundnuts. But thanks to Atlas' support, he can keep his education up and with it, his dreams of long-term, stable employment when he grows up.

*The boys name is not Brian and has been changed for privacy reasons.