The Atlas Foundation has joined forces with the RAF Policy Rugby team (aka The Flying Pigs) in a challenge to virtually circumnavigate the Globe.

This 25,000 mile adventure is being carried out collectively by hundreds of supporters around the world walking, running, cycling, rowing, hopping, skipping, crawling, any which way they can (all the while social distancing!) and sharing their activities on social media under the hashtag #ATW7.

Atlas Foundation is keeping track of all these activities and monitoring our progress ‘around the world’, either via emailing your miles to [email protected] by joining the Strava group: . All this is going on between 1 pm London time on 19 May and 1 pm on 26 May.  You can do this in your garden, in your living room or up and down your stairs. It can be as little as 1 mile, or as many as you want!

In Singapore, we have had a great sign up and with a public holiday weekend coming up we are expecting some big mileage to come in!

The objective of this challenge is to raise awareness and funds for the many kids and families around the world who have been affected by Coronavirus.  The front line response to the virus is understandably focused on treating those suffering from this terrible disease.  But the disease and the lockdown measures adopted to combat its spread have all left many vulnerable people in its wake.  
Whether or not they have contracted COVID-19, millions of families around the world have been affected by coronavirus, whether its loss of a loved one, jobs and income, a lack of food, or access to everyday health support.


In Singapore, the largest group in this category are the foreign workers living in dormitories. There have been over 20,000 cases of COVID-19 among those workers and hundreds more are being reported each day.  In addition to those, it’s estimated that over 250,000 foreign workers are quarantined in dormitories as the government tries to identify and treat all those with the disease and contain its spread among those who do not.


While the government is providing medical support and food for these workers, they are isolated from their families and the outside world.  To provide some support to these people, we will be using donations to Atlas Asia in the #ATW7 challenge to provide some extra support to those workers.  


Any donations you make will be used as follows:


  1. £10/S$18 will provide a worker with a 1 month personal care pack of toothbrush toothpaste paste, liquid soap, face mask and hand sanitizer.
  2. £8/S$15 will provide a worker with a Personal fan - living conditions are cramped and humid and the workers spend many hours in their room.  A personal fan can make a huge difference to relieve some discomfort;
  3. £12/S$20 will buy a SIM/mobile data card that will enable a worker to so they can communicate with their families outside world 
  4. £12/S$20 will provide a worker with a snack pack of extra food for a week.  The workers are on basic rations from government, but aren’t permitted to leave the dormitories to get additional food and snacks.


Thank you for your support.