Our local partner in India, Khelo Rugby is run by Jungle Crows in Kolkata, North India. In many areas, education is an unaffordable luxury with a poor education system and many children not attending school. Khelo Rugby has been changing that, running education programmes alongside their rugby to help engage the children and support them with their learning. There has already been amazing progress as graduation rates have increased from just 18% to 80% as a result of their support, helping to empower the children to achieve their goals.

More recently, Jungle Crows has been working on an exciting new education pilot to continue the amazing work they have achieved so far. Partnering with Studycat, the language learning apps that make learning fun, trial classes have started in Kolkata to further assist children with their education. Thanks to The Anita, Alex & Annabel Nicholson Memorial Fund and The Atlas Foundation, the trials will start with classes for 20 children with the plan for more and more children to get the chance to enjoy their language learning the Studycat way! Studycat has a proven track record in supporting children in learning a new language and learning together so it is an exciting prospect to see how this latest development progresses and the impact it will have for the children in Kolkata.