Sport Generally

The attached overview of the contribution of Sport to Sustainable Development Goals demonstrates the impact of sport generally on a healthier, fairer, more peaceful world. 

The global reach, unmatched popularity, wide appeal, universal character and value-based foundation of sport, as well as its particular association with youth, make it a versatile means of implementing many of the SDGs.

Rugby Specifically

Rugby has particular benefits due to its tough nature, and the strong values of the game.

Rugby provides a useful vehicle to train a number of important social and life skills and to address important risk factors for crime and violence, especially amongst youth.

Respect, equality and fair-play are the core values of rugby and are also fundamental principles for peaceful and inclusive societies, thus rugby programmes that emphasize these values can contribute to stronger, more cohesive societies.

Upholding the ideals of respect for the opponent and the rules of the game and maintaining dignity in victory as well as defeat, can foster democratic behaviours. These help to ensure that young people base their actions on the principles of justice, integrity, and lawfulness.

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