Tag Rugby Trust was founded in 2002 and has been operating in Zimbabwe ever since. Although the original goal was on spreading the game of tag rugby to children around the world, the programme has developed into a community-focused project. Tag Rugby Trust has worked to establish over 80 community clubs in the country. Each community club has access to the FITR (Female Inspiration Through Rugby), Young Leader and food security projects as well as rugby and educational curriculum. The FITR programme gives young girls the opportunity to play rugby and have a conversation surrounding issues that may be affecting them. For example, academic education, abuse avoidance and counselling services. The Young Leader project gives students in secondary school the chance to mentor primary school children in rugby sessions. Often these students return to the programme as coaches after they leave school. Tag Rugby Trust have also introduced a food security programme, having created a micro-finance model. This ensures that communities have long-term food security. Some people in the community have been keeping chickens (below). 

With a grant from Atlas, Tag Rugby Trust have been able to create a small scale food security model for use in the communities. We are delighted to hear that the first sites are now up and running. In order to qualify for the loan, people have to undertake training in community support, keeping animals and book keeping and reporting. The individuals do not have to repay the loan, but the profit made has to be split between the community club and the rest of the community, for example giving a food package to someone in need. 

Tag Rugby Trust also has a 'Hub' based in Harare. The Atlas Foundation donated £20,000 towards this project that prioritises women and girls. Often, girls drop out of the rugby sessions due to boys coming into the changing rooms. With the Hub, there are specific girls changing rooms and girls are prioritised for use of the Hub. This gives girls the safety and security they need to participate in tag rugby and education sessions.