In 2011, between one third to half of all girls dropped out of education in Kenya due to child marriage and pregnancy, perpetuating cycles of gender inequality that continue to push female education to the margins. Alongside our partner, Team Talk, we are working hard to change this, using the game and values of rugby to build relationships and respect between girls and boys. Team Talk recognise the vital role of women play in the long-term prosperity of local communties. Empowering teachers and village elders and using a combination of classroom sessions and rugby-based exercises, they build understanding and foster social interaction between the children, as well as using education to promote female empowerment. As the young boys develop greater respect for the girls, the lives of the girls themselves are improved through greater education and self-confidence. With the support from Atlas, Team Talk has helped many schoolgirls enjoy a fun, safe childhood and rates of child marriage are starting to fall.  


Team Talk has helped over 717 girls since it first started in 2019. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of girls finishing primary education and more and more are choosing to continue their education into secondary school. There have been reported declines in gender inequality and good health. Even during covid-19 disruption, many children still attended schools for Team Talk despite schools across the country being closed.

As normality has begun to return, volunteers are returning to schools and Team Talk looks to establish more frequent visits to continue support schoolgirls with their empowerment and education.