Jason and a team of fundraisers have travelled into the depths of Southern Africa for The Atlas Foundation.

Their mission: Deliver rugby kit and supplies to groups of school children in order to improve their skills, to engage more children than before and to bring awareness of the great benefits rugby is having on these children's lives.

The Expedition

Every year Atlas sends a team of volunteers who fundraise to go on a unique expedition with Jason and other rugby legends. This year, the  Atlas team travelled around rural Zimbabwe and Botswana, covering approximately 500 miles of dirt track in a couple of days. The crew visited Victoria Falls, camped out under the stars, enjoyed local delicacies, understood what proper potholes really are and engaged with masses of children to put a smile on their face.

Along the route the team visited rugby projects in both Zimbabwe and Botswana. The gem was a rugby tournament coordinated by the Tag Rugby Trust which hosted over 100 girls and boys from local communities. The team delivered boots and kit to these children so that they can continue to learn teamwork, social skills and most importantly have fun like children must. As well as rugby kit the crew helped hand out food and other key resources such as sanitary products.

Getting There 

The 14 strong team have all committed to raising £10,000 for Atlas and to further the work we do both in the countries they were visiting and in other projects around the world. But they weren't the only ones that contributed funds for the trip.

At the Atlas Dinner 2017, dozens of guests pledged to give £100, there and then, to pay for 10 sets of boots for the children that were visited. Thanks to the generosity of the attendees, this not only paid for boots in Botswana and Zimbabwe but has gone to help fund boots in India, South Africa and Kenya.

As the team was only travelling for a short while there was no time for rest. Every moment was action packed. Thanks to the Old School group coordinating the trip, the Atlas Foundation Challenge didn't disappoint and a number of challengers have already put their name down for 2019!

Where are we going next year?

With a trek across Iceland in 2017 and expedition through Southern Africa in 2018, what we have next for 2019 needs to be special.

Our plan is to organise an exploration in the foothills of the Himalayas. After seeing some of Northern India's unique locations, we will be ending by opening a new community centre being constructed by Khelo Rugby for a community in a remote area called Saraswatipur. The centre will bring children together and allow them a space to learn, keep clean and play some good old fashioned rugby.