Champion: Catherine Spencer

ATLAS is supporting the Tag Rugby Trust to help women and girls in some of the poorest parts of Zimbabwe. By introducing Tag Rugby girls are inspired to play sport and to establish strong supportive team bonds. The confidence this gives them allows them to take on board the additional teaching of the programme, specifically in sexual health and careers guidance, and to share this teaching back in their communities. This in turn reduces teenage pregnancy, HIV and school drop outs. It increases the number of girls with better jobs and healthier futures.

The Atlas Foundation is also providing assistance to help build a community centre in Harare where the Tag Rugby Trust will be able to carry out more activities and give more children the opportunity to succeed. 

In Spring 2018, Jason and a team of Atlas supporters went to Zimbabwe as part of the Atlas Challenge. They met children that worked with the Tag Rugby Trust and brought them kit and supplies to continue their rugby and help with their training.