Today is International Women's Day! 

At our projects across the world, girls suffer from persistent gender inequality and violence that causes many young girls to leave school early, with many having no choice but to enter into child marriages, with little hope for to fulfil their potential or pursue their own dreams. Our projects are combating gender inequality using rugby to empower girls, and educate the boys, helping young girls realise they can have a better life.

At our new project, TackleLondon, we are helping young girls cope with the devasting consequences that Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) often have. Many girls here grow up in under resourced areas, and often have difficulties at school and at home, such as bullying, or income poverty. The pressures of living with multiple ACEs often drives young girls to Health Harming Behaviours, suffering with poor mental health and emotional wellbeing.

TackleLondon are using the local rugby community, to ensure girls have weekly contact with a reliable, trusted adult, and are given a sense of purpose through being part of a rugby team. This is proven to help alleviate the detrimental affects that ACEs have on young people, helping them find a way to achieving their goals.

Together, we can empower girls to believe in themselves and fulfil their potential. Please donate anything you can to make a direct impact on young girls lives!

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