On March 8th, 2024, TackleLondon's representatives from three charities participated in a rugby coaching session led by MRRF at Meridian High School, Croydon. Under the guidance of Aiden, an experienced and skilled coach trained by Matt Ratana, five rugby sessions were conducted for the students at Meridian High School, with support from our team. 

We received a warm welcome from Assistant Head Robyn Wallace, a staunch advocate for TackleLondon, instrumental in bringing our program to Meridian School. Our event was honoured by the presence of local Croydon MP Sarah Jones and Stephen Akinsanya, Barrister and Community Lead actively bringing awareness of knife crime. Both individuals recognise the transformative potential of TackleLondon in the local community and schools. They graciously provided interviews, highlighting the positive impact expected in Croydon. Stay tuned for the release of these insightful conversations!

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