This is Alex, a double orphan living in Ha Tsolo, Lesotho. Alex began playing rugby aged 18 with the support of Coach Roy at Lesotho Rugby Academy, an Atlas supported project.

In Ha Tsolo, it is too easy for children to be led down the wrong path. It’s common to join gangs and sit in bars from a young age smoking and drinking. Alex admits he may have joined them if it had not been for The Lesotho Rugby Academy and Atlas.

Not only has The Lesotho Rugby Academy instilled the values of rugby into their children, but have also taught them about gender equality and the dangers of HIV, smoking and drinking.

Alex believes that “rugby players must be role models” and the programme has encouraged Alex and his friends to stay in school, work hard and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Alex is just one of many children that have benefitted from the vital work of The Lesotho Rugby Academy. With your support, we can continue to give children around the world the chance to thrive.