Meet Gina Moyo, whose refusal to give up in the face of significant challenges means she is able to go on to a bright future.  Gina comes from a very poor area with high rates of gender violence and inequality, causing Gina to miss out on opportunities that she may have elsewhere.  Gina has no option but to face these challenges alone, as she has no family or friends to turn to for help. This meant that when Gina came to Gauteng Women’s Rugby Institute in 2020, she was struggling to cope with these difficulties and felt unempowered. 

Fortunately, GWRI and Atlas are on a mission to help girls like Gina overcome these challenges and fulfil their potentialGWRI helps Gina by providing her with support in her education and life skillsGina is developing as an individual through academics and rugby and is becoming much more confident and happier. 

Thanks to support from GWRI and Atlas, Gina now has opportunities available to her that means she has a chance for a better futureGina’s hard work means she has been offered a full scholarship to study at the University of Pretoria, where she can continue to thriveGWRI and Atlas are extremely proud of Gina and look forward to seeing what she does next! 

Together, we can give more girls like Gina a chance thrive – please donate anything you can 

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