Tackling Cultural Issues with SKRUM 

HIV/AIDS is devasting lives in Eswatini, with the extremely high infection rates destroying children's chances for a healthier futureThousands of children become orphans young, and often have no choice but to take care of other childrenWith no support system for these children, many have to leave school early and go to work, and sadly for many children their only option is to sell themselves into child marriage. For girls in Eswatini, this desperate situation is made worse by the strong patriarchal cultureThis leaves many children helpless and unable to do see an escape. 

SKRUM, our partners in Eswatini, are working to break this cycle of hopelessnessThrough visiting school across Eswatini, SKRUM are providing a safe space where children can learn about the taboo issues of HIV/AIDS, and gender inequality and violence. Young boys are taught to respect girls, and the girls are made to feel empowered, breaking the repressive and patriarchal culture that stops girls having a better lifeSKRUM is giving children a chance to thrive, through breaking these social and cultural barriers that have allowed the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the repressive culture to persist for so long. The work SKRUM is doing is helping infection rates decrease for the first time since the HIV/AIDS pandemic began, but they can't do it without your help! 

Double your impact by donating TODAY! 

Together, we can stop the devasting effects of HIV/AIDS impacting the lives of children in Eswatini. If you donate today, your donation will be doubled by our Big Give Champions, The Reed Foundation, until we reach our target of £15,000. This makes your donation, no matter the size, have double the impact for children in Eswatini. If you support the work Atlas does and want to give children in Eswatini hope for a better life, then now is the best time to donate! 

How can you help on World Aids Day? 

If you would like to help SKRUM give children a chance for a healthier life, free from the fear of HIV/AIDS, then please donate anything you can to the Big Give today. Make sure to share our social media (@theatlascharity) to let others know how your donations are making a real difference for children in Eswatini! 

Unfortunately the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2023 has ended now. You can still support our projects across the world by donating here, or get involved with one of our events!

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