Virreyes Rugby Club would like to celebrate this upcoming Women´s Day by honouring the mothers of our rugby players. Without them, VRC could not have grown to what it is today (450 Rugby players / 150 male and female Football players / 50 participating in Dance)

These moms make sure their kids are present for training sessions and games, coming and staying with them during practices, and traveling with them to other clubs whenever possible to cheer them on.

Most of these women have lived in the same neighbourhood since they were born. They are strong pillars in their families and for their children. Some of them had the opportunity to enjoy sports in their childhood and encourage other families to become members of the club:  

VRC has been very important in keeping the kids off the streets. I talk to other mothers so that they let their children come, and I bring cousins and neighbours to the club together with my sons. The club is  a big family” (Ingrid, 36)

Other mothers are getting to know sports through their children:

“My childhood was difficult. I grew up without my mother. So my brother and I studied, did the house chores, and sometimes went out selling pastries or vegetables with my grandfather. There was no time for play or sports…I had to get over my fears of my kids getting hurt with rugby…I know it is good for them to try new things. The club helps them in their physical and mental development, and in generating healthy relationships” (Nancy, 37)

These mothers are very grateful for the love and commitment that VRC staff share with their families. They feel supported in the aspirations they have for their children:

“My son suffered from bullying because of his body. In VRC we found many values which were very helpful. We feel the club is a great support for us, it is like family” (Lorena, 40)

“VRC helps my son to develop team spirit and love for sports. He learns personal values which help him transition from childhood into adolescence. I trust VRC staff” (Soledad, 32)

“I want my children to be respectful, to study. VRC staff encourage studies and values in both children and parents” (Ingrid, 36).

These mothers deeply appreciate how the club helps women in the neighbourhood: providing the club´s uniform when families can´t afford them, through day care and school tutoring for working or studying moms, and with food for the children during practice or game days.

VRC staff would like to thank these mothers for their enthusiasm, their ongoing collaboration and support, and for trusting us to share our love for sports with their children. We feel honoured that VRC has become their second home and part of their families!.

Happy Women´s Day!

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