“My name is Soknov Keo, and I come from a very poor background. When I was young, my family struggled, and I was sent to collect rubbish from a dump to help provide for my family. It was a difficult time for me, spending three years collecting garbage just to make ends meet. However, my life took a turn when I met 'Papy and Mamie,' who created the centre "PSE" and rescued me from the rubbish dump when I was 9 years old. 

At PSE, I was provided with food, shelter, and education, which transformed my life. I studied culinary and dreamed of becoming a chef. When I was 17, I returned to live with my family. It was at PSE that I was introduced to rugby, and I joined the girls' team at the age of 12. 

It was through PSE that I encountered the Kampuchea Balopp team, who were running their sports and rugby program. I was captivated by their activities and the impact they were making. In 2016, I was offered the opportunity to become a sports educator at Kampuchea Balopp, and I embraced it wholeheartedly. Rugby has not only given me the chance to travel and meet people from around the world, but it has also allowed me to gain confidence and share my passion for rugby with underprivileged children. 

Working with Kampuchea Balopp has given me the platform to transmit my love for rugby and demonstrate how it can be used as a tool for social inclusion and personal development. I believe in nurturing the good hearts of children through sports and encouraging them to develop their skills. It is my mission to bring light to the lives of underprivileged and handicapped children through the power of sports, values, and shared experiences. 

"Last year, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to France, where I lived unforgettable experiences, met amazing people, and even attended a Rugby World Cup game in Bordeaux!" 

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