Tiziano struggles with the extreme poverty and gang violence that are rife across the ‘Villas’ of Buenos AriesTiziano’s community suffers from high unemployment and low education, causing many families to live in a constant struggle to have food and shelter.  Sadly, Tiziano’s family struggle to cope in these conditions, causing some of Tiziano’s family to suffer with addictionOn top of this, Tiziano’s home has been broken into several times, with the essential items Tiziano needs to live stolen, causing Tiziano to feel unsafe in his own home. 

Virreyes Rugby Club and The Atlas Foundation are on a mission to help children in Buenos Aries like TizianoVirreyes uses rugby to work closely with the communities to provide nutritious meals, safe and affordable housing, and access to healthcare to take care of their physical and mental wellbeing.  Virreyes encourages team spirit both on and off the pitch, so when Tiziano’s teammates learnt that his home was unsafe they decided to do something about it.  Using materials supplied by Virreyes, the team built a secure door on his home, and built a wall to protect the gas cylinder that is needed for cooking. 

Thanks to Atlas and Virreyes, Tiziano has a strong support system in his team, and he now feels safe at homeVirreyes has created positive relationships in the community which are making a significant impact on children like TizianoVirreyes provides Tiziano and his family with safe housing and nutritious meals, to relieve some of the daily struggles they faceWith Atlas and Virreyes help, Tiziano can hope for a brighter future! 

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