Data relating to individuals held by The Atlas Foundation is stored on secure cloud servers, password protected and only accessed by a limited number of people who need it for their work, and is never disclosed to unauthorised people, either within Atlas or externally.

Our Partnership Projects are wholly owned by Atlas and donor details are retained within the Partnership Project teams to confirm receipt of donations and thank donors. Any further communication is shielded by an opt-in or opt-out option provided at the point of donation receipt.

Data that we hold includes supporter contact details and records of donations and payments. Information held about any individual is available upon request. Consent, legitimate interest and communicating with you: We only hold information about people with whom we (The Board, staff and volunteers of Atlas) have had some contact, and then only minimal details, normally name and email.

We also hold records of rugby clubs and other organisations where there is a contact who is a representative of the organisation.

We consider any individual with whom we have had some form of communication to have a legitimate interest in hearing from us. However, if this is not the case, any individual can instantly unsubscribe from our communications. Individuals who have asked not to be contacted will not be contacted by Atlas or anyone else.

The Atlas Foundation is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and our registration can be viewed there, reference ZA336331.