The Atlas All Schools programme in Argentina works in 6 rugby clubs and 20 schools in the suburbs surrounding Buenos Aries. There are a number of shanty towns and issues surrounding poor education and health and high crime and unemployment rates.

In March, Virreyes Rugby Club was transformed into a dining hall, with an army of volunteers cooking and delivering 1,000 meals every day to the doorsteps of the poorest neighbourhoods. Overall, 125,000 meals were delivered during the height of the pandemic. 

At Virreyes Rugby Club, Atlas funded medical support and a coach to work in schools. The success of "VRC" has led to further significant investment including a new all weather pitch. 

Nico's Story

Nico came to Buenos Aires with his mother and two brothers when their father died. They found themselves in a shanty town sharing a squalid room with no sanitation, living in a neighbourhood ruled by gangs, and paying a costly rent that made buying food difficult.

After being welcomed into our rugby project in Buenos Aires, Nico and his family were given immense support to establish a new lifestyle. They received a hot meal once a week and were checked out by an Atlas-funded doctor who became concerned abut their health due to their living conditions. The project leaders helped Nico's mother to find her own small home on the edge of the shanty town with running water and drainage. Now, Nico and his brothers are flourishing and attend the local school while their mother works and regularly volunteers at the club.